【Tenboro's English Vesions】=>HentaiVerse Isekai 0.87, Isekai Hentai Jutsushi

Note: Initially, 0.87 is only deployed on the new Isekai Server. Going forward, whenever a major update is released, it will debut with a new Isekai season and be deployed to Persistent at some later date. (Which isn't saying that there WILL be a major update every season, but there MIGHT be..)



The Isekai Mode 异世界模式

0.87 adds the new ranked Isekai Mode, in which everyone starts from scratch in a brand new world. This will run alongside the existing Persistent Mode.



Isekai will run as half-year seasons, starting on Longest Night (the winter solstice, usually December 21st or 22nd) and ending on Longest Day (the summer solstice, usually June 20th or 21st), and vice verca. Exact times will be posted. (The start of the first season was delayed by a few weeks because of a delayed server delivery.)


Isekai uses a separate credits balance (Isekai Credits or ISK), which is only used within HV Isekai. Most of the EH-related stuff and bonuses are either disabled or enabled equally for everyone.

异世界使用独立的货币系统(异世界Credits 或者 ISK),这是一种只被用于异世界的货币。


Isekai is accessed through https://hentaiverse.org/isekai/ or, after 0.87 is deployed on Persistent, the new mode selector found on the top right of the screen.

异世界可以通过 https://hentaiverse.org/isekai/ 进入,或者,在0.87被正式实装在一般服务器以后,会在屏幕右上角有选择模式的区域。


The Tower 塔楼

The Tower is a new Isekai-Only battle mode, and is the basis of the ranking mechanism. The Tower has an (effectively) unlimited amount of floors, and the idea is that you want to get as far as possible before the end of the season.



Each floor has an increasing number of battle rounds, and is locked to a specific monster level (increases every floor) and difficulty level (increases every 5 floors). Past Floor 40 the difficulty will start scaling past PDUFOR; for now this just adds a base 5% monster damage and HP per difficulty level.


Clearing a floor will always drop an equipment piece equivalent to a trophy of the tier corresponding to the base difficulty, capping at PFUDOR/Tier 7, as well as 10 soul fragments.


You can only clear each floor once, and win or lose, you can only do three tower attempts per day. During Last Spurt, the number of daily attempts is increased to five.


You can see your current ranking on the Tower start screen as soon as you make it past Floor 5.



The Great Isekai Reset 巨大的异世界重置

From the start of each season until the end of that month, to give players a bit of a boost, there is an "Early Bird" period where equipment drop rates and stamina regeneration is doubled.


During the last month of the season (that is, June/December, or the final 20-22 days) Isekai will enter the "Last Spurt" mode. While in this mode, you can make five attempts at The Tower per day. Mooglemail attachments are also completely disabled.

在当赛季的最后一个阶段(六月或者十二月,也就是最后的20-22天),异世界会进入冲刺阶段。在该阶段,你们每天可以尝试5次冲塔。Moogle Mail的附件功能会被完全停用。

When the season ends, your current ISK balance as well as the total ISK sell value of your item/equipment inventory will be added together. The first 1 million ISK will be transferred to the next Isekai season. The remainder will be transferred as actual Credits to your main HV/EH account.

当一个赛季结束,你的ISK以及你所有物品装备的贩售ISK价值会被累加在一起。这其中的1M ISK会被转移到下一个赛季,剩下的会被转移到转化成C转移到你的HV/EH主账户当中。

Depending on how far you managed to get in The Tower, you may also gain a permanent bonus for HV Persistent. The first 20 ranked players will get a permanent +3 to all primary stats; 21-49 will get +2, and 50-100 will get +1. The top 10 players will also receive a Peerless Voucher (special-tier untradeable trophy item) which can be handed in for a guaranteed soulbound Peerless equip.


Everyone will also gain a temporarily/seasonal bonus to damage on HV Persistent which will last until the end of the next Isekai season, again depending on how far you managed to get in The Tower. This bonus is tentatively set to 0.1% per floor, but will be increased if no one manages to clear Floor 100.


Finally, any Soulbound gear you have in Isekai will carry over to Persistent at the end of the season. Any Peerless gear and Peerless vouchers you manage to acquire will also be included, though Peerless gear will become soulbound in the process. Upgrades will not carry over.

最终,任何一件在异世界被你进行了灵魂绑定的装备,都将会在赛季结束以后被转移到一般服务器当中。这包括你获得的任何一件P 装备和无双票卷,尽管P装备被转移后无论如何都会处于灵魂绑定状态中。装备的锻造强化不会被一并转移。

The end-of-season stuff, such as the actual rewards and the number of players per tier, might be adjusted between seasons based on interest, suggestions and administrative whims.


Moogle Mail

Isekai Mooglemail Restrictions 异世界Moogle Mail 限制

To reduce (and ideally eliminate) foul play, there are a number of restrictions added to Isekai Mooglemail:

为了减少(在理想情况下消除)无脑游戏的情况,异世界的Moogle Mail受到一定限制。

ISK (Credits) and Hath cannot be attached.


Attaching items and equipment is only available for donators (bronze star).


There is an uncapped 10% fee on the total CoD. To avoid overly penalizing returned/rejected CoD messages, half of this (capped to 1000 ISK) is paid up-front like on Persistent, and the rest is deducted when (and if) the receiver actually pays it.

对于CoD,有一笔没有上限的10%费用。为了避免退回/拒收 CoD邮件带来的过量惩罚,这部分一半的数额(1000 ISK封顶)将会在一般服务器上那样,在寄出的时候被支付,剩余部分会在接收者实际支付的时候扣除,如果他们有接收。

Since it is still possible to use CoD with ISK, and non-donators can still receive MoogleMails, it is still possible to transfer ISK between donator accounts and from non-donator accounts to donator accounts; because of this, there are some additional restrictions on what you are allowed to do here:

* Feeding accounts ISK by using the CoD function is NOT allowed in general. It is only to be used for straight-up trading of Isekai items/equipment for ISK.
* Gathering ISK from other accounts to have it converted to credits after the end of the season is NOT allowed.
* Distributing ISK to other accounts to have it transferred to the next Isekai season is NOT allowed.

因为可以利用ISK支付CoD,所以非捐赠用户仍然可以接收Moogle Mail,ISK仍然可以在捐赠者账户之间转移,或者从非捐赠者账户到捐赠者账户。因此,在这里还有一些附加限制:

- 为了用ISK填喂账户而是用CoD功能是在原则上不被允许的。它只允许被用于直接的异世界物品装备和ISK之间的交换。
- 从其他账户获得ISK,然后在赛季之后把它们转化为Credits是不被允许的。
- 转移ISK到其他账户,来让它们被转移到下一个异世界赛季,是不被允许的。

Violations can get you disqualified from the current and/or future season's rankings, and/or permanently blocked from sending Isekai attachments.


We WILL allow cross-trading EH/HV Persistent items, equipment and currencies for Isekai items and equipment, but NOT for ISK as it would violate the rules above. Note that there is no system in place or planned to support this kind of trade.


As mentioned above, MoogleMail attachments are completely disabled during Last Spurt (the last three weeks or so of the season).

如同上面提到的那样,Moogle Mail的附件系统会在冲刺阶段被完全禁用(在赛季的最后三周)。


Other Notable Isekai Differences 其他显著的异世界差异


Special events like the Easter Event and the Loot & Harvest Festival only run on Persistent.


Training, the Item Bot, the Lottery and the Monster Lab are not available.


Monsters are copied over from Persistent at the start of each season. Monster food, chaos tokens and crystals have no use and do not drop. Monster wins are currently not recorded, but this will be re-added for some post-season Persistent stuff in a future season.



Artifact and Collectible drops are replaced with high-grade and rare/special upgrade materials at a rate of 80/20.


Salvaging returns 3 low-grade materials for Superior, and 2 mid-grade materials for Exquisite.


Forge upgrades do not require bindings.


There are no stamina recovery items, so play will be limited by the available stamina.


The regular equipment inventory is limited to 200, but everyone can place 1000 equipment in storage.


Donator bonuses, trainings, hath perks and toplist bonuses do not apply. The EXP bonus on Isekai is fixed to 500% to speed things up considering the restricted timespan and stamina.


Titles, title bonuses and title skills are disabled.


When someone pays you CoD on a MoogleMail, this is not added to your ISK balance until you visit the MoogleMail inbox page. (You will get a popup.)

当一位玩家在一封Moogle Mail上支付你设置的CoD的时候,这部分ISK不会直接加入你的账户之中,直到你访问Moogle Mail页面。(会弹窗提示。)

Item world potency gain is higher. Nightmare and up has three times the gain compared to Persistent, while Normal and Hard have the same gain as Nightmare.



Soul fusing cost is halved.



The randomly encounter-able boss-tier non-player monsters ("schoolgirls" and friends) have half their ordinary HP.

会被随机遭遇的头目级别的、非玩家所培养的怪物 (女高和四废)现在比起一般服务器,只拥有一半的生命值。

The following two hath perks are ENABLED for EVERYONE; all other perks are DISABLED:
-- Follower of Snowflake
-- Innate Arcana V



  • 雪花环
  • IA5


The following trainings are MAXED for EVERYONE; all other trainings are DISABLED:
-- Scolar of War (scroll slots)
-- Tincture (infusion slots)
-- Pack Rat (battle inventory slots)
-- Hoarder (equipment storage)
-- Scavenger (drop rate)
-- Quartermaster (equipment drop rate)
-- Luck of the Draw (rare equipment rate)
-- Archaeologist (artifact upgrade material drop rate), and is 300% rather than 100% (effectively double droprate).


  • 卷轴槽
  • 附魔槽
  • 物品栏
  • 装备储存上限
  • 拾荒
  • 军需官
  • 抽签运
  • 考古学家 (锻造材料被作为古董,也以原先古董的掉率掉落),除此之外,掉落概率被设置为300%,而不是100%(有效地使实际掉落概率翻倍)。
The Ability Boost (ability points) and Manifest Destiny (mastery points) trainings are maxed to your current level, and add +1 AP per level and +1 MP per 50 levels. (This currently means that, yes, you will be swimming in ability points.)



Bulk Shrining 批量献祭

As you level up, Snowflake will now start accepting lower-tier trophies in bulk, effectively upgrading the trophy by a number of tiers. This will significantly speed up shrining large numbers of low-tier trophies.


By default, the bulk upgrades are tied to your player level as such:


Level 200: Tier 2 => Tier 3 at a rate of 4:1
Level 300: Tier 3 => Tier 4 at a rate of 2:1
Level 400: Tier 4 => Tier 5 at a rate of 4:1


The upgrades are cumulative, so at level 400+ you will upgrade Tier 2 to Tier 5 at a rate of 32:1


These tier upgrades are balanced so they are a slight buff with regards to getting higher-tier equipment. Upgrading trophies to T3, T4 and T5 also adds 10%, 20% and 30% bonuses respectively to the original trophy value for the cumulative trophy credit counter for the Follower of Snowflake perk, and together with the trophy/equipment value changes listed below, it should be roughly a wash with sell + FoS value. YMMV when it comes to salvage materials.

这种层级提升是经过平衡的,所以他们对于获得高层级装备而言,是一种小小的提升。将奖杯提升到T3、T4和T5,相对于原本的奖杯价值而言,将会在雪花环奖杯价值统计上,依次增加10%、20%和30%的奖励数值,并且与奖杯/装备价值的改变一起在下方被列出,这将粗略地借助“贩售+雪花环价值”进行清洗。 见仁见智,如果涉及到分解为材料。

To prevent the "need" to send trophies to accounts of higher or lower levels for any particular shrining outcome, there is a new toggle in the settings page that lets you override this trophy upgrading behavior. In other words, if you want, you can still shrine with no upgrades at level 500, or upgrade to tier 5 at level 1.


(In case you were wondering, there are no actual "Tier 1" trophies in the system, this is a dummy tier used by some arena clear rewards.)



Equipment Auto-Sell/Auto-Salvage 装备自动贩卖/自动分解

A new Auto-Sell/Auto-Salvage function has been added. This will automatically turn unwanted equipment into credits or salvage materials whenever dropped in battle or received in the Shrine.


You can enable this behavior with a new setting found on the Settings page. For each type of equipment, you can set it to either Sell or Salvage all drops up to a given quality (Average/Superior/etc). Unlike most settings, Auto-Sell/Salvage settings are shared across all profiles.


If both Sell and Salvage is set, and a particular equipment qualifies for both, it will do the one with the lowest quality requirement. In other words, for a particular type of equipment, you can for example have it keep Magnificent and above, salvage Exquisite and Superior, and sell everything below that.


Internally, the system will still fully generate the equipment piece up to the point where it would normally be added to your inventory, so the outcome will be exactly the same as if you sold or salvaged it manually.


Note however that you cannot "buy back" an auto-salvaged or auto-sold equipment piece, as it is never actually added to the database.



System/Misc 系统/杂项

Salvaging equipment will now give either an upgrade material or scrap materials, never both.


Trophy value was rebalanced. (Monster-droppable T2 and T3 trophies are now worth more, while T4 and T5 are worth less.)


Equipment value was slightly rebalanced. The value factor for wear is now capped to 0.75, specifically to reduce the value of fully-repaired (shrine-fresh) gear.


Equipment will no longer grant base salvage when salvaged and re-bought multiple times. (It will still return upgrade materials.)


Equipment is now auto-locked when removed from a MoogleMail.

现在装备会被自动上锁,当它们被从Moogle Mail移除的时候。

When shrining equipment with the Follower of Snowflake perk, instead of granting a Peerless equipment directly when you shrine an item, you will now receive the regular equipment plus a free Peerless Voucher (special-tier untradeable trophy item) which can be handed in for a guaranteed soulbound Peerless equip. This makes things more predictable for when the peerless is granted when shrining multiple items. It also removes the "need" to use a low-tier trophy for the peerless exchange to prevent it from being "wasted".


The Shrine will no longer tell you to hit spacebar to shrine more items if there are not enough items available to shrine again. Hitting spacebar in this case will just close the popup box.


Shrine Fortunes (the secondary trophy from the easter events) and Stocking Stuffers (the secondary winter gift trophy) are no longer tradeable. This obviously does not affect Isekai, so consider it an early warning to trade any old stock if you want.


The state lock and associated limiter has been improved, and will now hand out gradually increasing ban lengths for aggressive multithreaded requests that pile up database locks. (Let me know if you ever encounter a problem with this during normal play.)


Made the EXP readout when hovering the level a bit wider to prevent the number from cutting off at higher levels.


If MoogleMail CoD is set, it must now be at least 10 credits.

如果在Moogle Mail上设置CoD,它至少要为10 C。

Note: alt doesn't work with isekai yet, this will be fixed soonish.


And again: Initially, 0.87 is only deployed on the new Isekai Server, which can be found here: https://hentaiverse.org/isekai/


【Nezu's Frequently Asked Questions】=>Frequently Asked Questions (probably)


Frequently Asked Questions (probably) (可能的)常见问题

Does isekai have dawn events or random encounters?



Does difficulty or my level affect The Tower?

No, tower difficulty is based entirely on what floor you're on. This includes both monster levels, difficulty modifiers like monster HP and damage scaling, and the exp you get from monsters.


Can I send any of my stuff from isekai to persistent (or vice versa)?



You are allowed to exchange persistent equipments, items, credits or hath for equipment or items in Isekai mode but not for isekai credits (ISK). (Read the MoogleMail restrictions.)

你被允许用一般服务器的装备、物品、C或者Hath交换异世界模式的装备或者物品,但是不能交换异世界货币(ISK)(请阅读关于Moogle Mail限制的部分)

At the end of the season, everything you own on Isekai mode will be destroyed, and its value added to your isekai credits balance. The first 1m of these is kept for the next season, and the rest is sent to your persistent account. Peerless equipments will be moved from isekai to your persistent inventory (becoming soulbound in the process, if they weren't already), as well as Peerless Vouchers from FoS.


How are tied floors ranked?

If multiple people are on the same floor, they will share the same rank, but people on lower floors will still have their ranks offset by the number sharing.


For example, if the top 2 people are on floor 100, they will both be rank 1, but the next highest will be rank 3.


There is no information about how this will effect rewards, but it is likely everyone at the same rank will receive the same reward, rather than being subdivided by time of achievement or clear speed etc.


I don't like the isekai rewards!

That's not a question, but they'll probably be revised closer to the time based on the floors people achieved, how much interest there was, Tenboro's personal preferences, and really insightful suggestions (if you want to make these, wait til the fuss dies down so it's more likely to get seen).


What are the 'forge upgrade materials' that drop?

Low-, mid- and high-grade materials, as well as the rare-type materials like Crystallized Phazon and Repurposed Actuators can drop. Bindings do not drop because they are not required for forging in Isekai mode.


Difficulty or monster level do not affect the grade of materials or how likely the rare-types are to drop. They are simply a 50/30/15/5 split between low, mid, high-grade materials and rare-types. The only factor is 'artifact' drop rate, which is affected by difficulty.


How often do forge materials drop?

They replace the normal artifact roll, so equivalent to the drop rate of Precursor Artifacts and Figurines on persistent HV. (Because of this, you will probably not see many below Hell difficulty.)


What are the new trophy base shrine values?

Tier 2 trophies are now worth 1000 shrine value. (This is all of the basic boss trophies, and Lock of Blue Hair.)
Tier 3 trophies are now worth 2000 shrine value. (This is the 3 schoolgirl trophies.)
Tier 4 trophies are now worth 4000 shrine value. (Saplings and Black T-Shirts.) (Read following questions if you're concerned about the value nerf.)
Tier 5 trophies upwards are unchanged.


How does bulk shrining work? How do I use different levels of it?

In 'Settings', you can change which tier your trophies will upgrade to. By default, these will automatically change based on your level, but you can always set them manually if you prefer shrining more trophies for lower chances. This is not a nerf no matter your opinion on which tier upgrade is best if any; you can choose which you like best.


How do the bulk shrine multipliers work?

The shrine value is increased based on the 'target' tier you're upgrading to.


Upgrading to tier 3 multiplies trophy value by 1.1.
Upgrading to tier 4 multiplies trophy value by 1.2.
Upgrading to tier 5 multiplies trophy value by 1.3.


The 'trophy value' here is the total trophy value of the type you're using, not the trophy value of the target tier.


For example, upgrading 4 ManBearPig Tails into 1 tier 3 trophy roll means you'll get 4X1000X1.1=4400 shrine value. Note that these multipliers do not stack - if you upgrade 32 ManBearPig Tails to tier 5, you will only get the 1.3x multiplier.

举个例子,将4件人熊猪尾巴升阶到1件T3奖杯的筛选,这意味着你将获得4 X 1000 X 1.1的 4400 神社价格。注意,这些放大倍率不会被叠加——如果你将32件人熊猪尾巴升阶到1件T5奖杯,你只会获得1.3的放大倍率。

The multipliers have been balanced to include the loss of value in junk equipment sales from upgrading; tier 5 upgrades should generally be optimal for shrine value. These are all significant buffs compared to 0.86 shrine values (except for Sapling & Black T-Shirt, which are narrowly better when upgraded to tier 5, but the other trophies more than make up for the difference).


This is both a quality-of-life change, and to lighten the load of junk equipments on the database.


How do the auto-sell & auto-salvage quality tiers work?

The action with the lower quality setting will happen first.


For example, if you set auto-sell cloth to exquisite and auto-salvage cloth to magnificent, it will sell any cloth up to exquisite quality, and salvage magnificent.


If you set both to the same quality level, auto-sell takes precedence.


These happen as soon as the equipment is generated; you will get a special line in the combat log to tell you about it.


Have salvage 'upgrade materials' changed?

No, it's still just x-Grade materials as usual. The only change is that gear that salvages into x-grade materials no longer gives scrap at all. It sounds worse than it is - the bulk of scrap salvage comes from unaffected quality tiers. This change was mostly for technical & UI simplicity. Energy cells are unaffected by the salvage change.


Did equipment value sale get nerfed?

Only from fully repaired equipments; dropped equipments should, on average, still be worth roughly the same (the base factor was bumped a little to compensate for the decrease in wear factor).


Will (anything in the 'Other Notable Isekai Differences' section) apply to Persistent HV?